Why Clear Hue?

Clear Hue™ brand Interior Design Finishes

Why Clear Hue? It was just a natural choice!
Because Clear View Window Film Solutions™ earned recognition as a premier Window Film company in Virginia, combined with our experience working with commercial customers, Architects, Interior Designers and General Contractors opened up a path for us to developed the Clear Hue™ series of Interior Design finishes.

Incomparable Life-Cycle Cost



Bring Graphics, Photos or Sketches front and center to create an iconic focal point that all eyes are drawn to.

Graphics are adjustable to fit your creative vision ♦ Promote your brand and enhance your guests experience ♦ How cool is this?  Have the graphic ink appear like it’s inside the glass when you choose the optional laminate coating ♦ Exceptional Optical Clarity.  Clear portions of the film are invisible where there is no design.

Incomparable Life-Cycle Cost

Lower Acquisition Cost

Lower Installation Cost

Whether it’s new construction or a retrofit, the process is quick and easy

No long lead-times ♦ No Mistakes in Color Choice ♦ Order Color Samples ♦ No Lengthy Installations ♦ We do client walkthroughs prior to installation ♦ We verify film/design locations ♦ We insure minimal-to-no disruption of business ♦ We take exact measurements of glass for a perfect fit ♦ Most installation times are within 3-days.

Incomparable Life-Cycle Cost

Lower Cost to Replace

Down the Road – Glass breaks?  Want a Color or Design Change?

Not a Problem! If glass is broken or damaged we can cost-effectively recreate the color or design on the replacement glass.  If you want a new color or design change we can remove older designer film and replace it with a new design.  We can do this over-and-over again on the existing glass.