• Clear Colors
    • Full Height (FH)
    • Horizontal Band (HB)

Colorize your world with transparent clear colors  – be creative and productive. Clear Hue™ colored glass films are a collection of optically clear, high performance polyester films. Our colors are so much fun! Add bands, a full coverage motif or just add as splash of color her or there!

Now any glass surface can be turned into a work of art, be it an office, restaurant, den, bathroom or child’s room.  Ideally suited for commercial or residential interior design glass finish projects. Dramatically increase the use of internal glass walls as partitioning.  This brings in natural light into offices, creating greater work productivity, as well as the illusion of more space while offering privacy.

Color inspires people, be creative and productive – colorize your business. Highlight glass surfaces to match your brand. Use color on glass to coordinate designs to match furnishings. Available in your choice of 56 vibrant transparent clear colors. Click Here to see all 56 Colors.  Below is a sample set of 10 colors with examples of some of the coverage options.
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