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Step 6: Approve-Spec-Order

This phase is complete when final samples and quote are signed by architect/owner for final approval of both.

*Please Note the quote approved is for design and film production only. If you would like quote for installation, please let us know.

To make this process seamless for you, we have created an editable word document specification for you to download here: Interior Glass Finishes: 09 70 00

This specification is in a construction ready format for you to plug in easily with little to no editing.

If you have elevations where the film is to be applied, we would insert the design onto the elevation(s) with all relevant information and send back to you, so you may insert the newly completed elevation page into the Plans to make the process more seamless and understandable for the GC and subcontractor.

If it is a retrofit/renovation project that do not have elevations, we will create a set for you with the overall dimensions for you to correspond to the floor plan to ensure accurate location(s) of design/film applied.

From our own experience we find this reduces ambiguity, errors, and the amount of RFI’s generally required from incomplete specifications and drawings.

  • You would place a direct order with Clear Hue if your project isn’t going through the construction process normally handled by a GC.
  • If you need assistance with the installation of your project, we would be glad to help. If it works well geographically based on scope, we have a tremendous team of installers.
  • If it would be more economical to hire subcontractors, we could assist in finding a quality window film installation company.

*Please Note* Installation is separate from film production/design. The original approved quote is for design, samples, and film production only. A second quote for installation would be required for approval if you’re ordering direct.

Once installation has been addressed, one final mockup is recommended onsite for final approval before the full order is placed.

Please review our Benchmarks/Lead times document that chronologically lists the entire project from Design – Approval – Ordering – Installation.

We’re happy to help guide you through the specification process. Have questions, need clarification?

Contact us and we’ll reach out to assist you with your project.